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Monday, November 16

Today’s Readings: Psalm 57; Ezra 7:27-28 & 8:21-36; Matthew 17:1-13; Revelation 20:7-15

One of my favorite classes in seminary was a course called Ritual & Worship. It was taught by a tremendously gifted professor by the name of Thomas Troeger. The class explored a variety of topics which were all related to the worship life of our faith communities.

One day in class we talked about how difficult it can be for individuals to respond to moments that feel especially holy. At such moments, Professor Troeger noted, people often try to mask their discomfort by doing things like making jokes or pushing through the moment, rather than simply acknowledge the moment for what it is.

In other words, we respond in much the way Peter responded to the Transfiguration in today’s reading from Matthew. For just after manifestations of Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus, Peter tried to respond to the holy moment in a rather random way - by offering to build a dwelling for the three individuals. The absurdity of his offer was the result of Peter’s unwillingness to simply be in the holiness of the moment.

Today I would invite you to consider how you respond to those holy moments in your life. If you encounter one such moment today, I would encourage you to resist the urge to do something in response – and instead, simply be in the moment. Til next time…

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betsy said...

I have had a number os such moments-and perhaps , because of my own inclination towards mystery, i have usually just stayed with them in those moments. These occurences have always had to do with with some aspect in the natural world, usually with insects-praying mantis,most often spiders (spider woman/ anasnsi?) trees-that was my most profound mystical experience with the the Jerusalem Pine tree to "sacriiced" the next morning to save the foundation of my neighers's house, my favorite way of praying is lying on the ground