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Friday, February 19, 2010

What I’m Reading Today: 1 Corinthians 2

If you were to ask most folks on the street when the next National Football League season begins, they would say, “September” – since September marks the beginning of the 2010 regular season. Others might say, “July” – since that’s when training camp opens. A few might say, “April” – since that’s when the NFL Draft is held. A few of us odd ducks might even say “February” – since that’s when the Combine is held for rookies to show off for NFL scouts in hopes of getting teams to want to draft them. In case you can’t tell by now, I am one of those hard-core NFL fans that would say the season begins in February.

As an hard-core NFL fan, the two months between the Combine and NFL Draft are hell for me because I have to endure several weeks of speculation regarding who my team – the Houston Texans - will draft. Will it be a cornerback to potentially replace Dunta Robinson who might leave via free agency? Will it be a running back to take many of the duties away from Steve Slaton? Will it be yet another defensive tackle who can help with the pass rush? The speculation is tortuous!! If I visit 10 different websites looking for predictions, you can often get 10 different answers. All of that makes me wonder, “Do these so-called ‘experts’ really have a clue about what they are talking about?”

Paul asked himself a similar question when it came to the so-called experts regarding peoples’ spiritual lives. And his answer was a resounding, “No!”

When it comes to the depths of our spiritual lives, Paul wrote: “We don’t have to rely on the world’s guesses and opinions. We didn’t learn this by reading books or going to school: we learned it from God, who taught us person-to-person through Jesus, and we’re passing it on to you in the same firsthand, personal way” (1 Corinthians 2:12-13 from The Message).

During this season of Lent, the next time you find yourself facing a problem and are tempted to run to the latest source of information to help you “solve it” – stop for a moment and spend some time in God’s presence in the way that is most meaningful for you. See if that most ancient Source might give you access to wisdom and strength you desperately need to face the turbulence life throws our way.

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