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Thursday, July 1, 2010

What I’m Reading Today: Titus 1-3

Last winter, my friends Bruce & Maria shared with me an article from Time Magazine about one of my favorite television shows, Glee. The title of the article raised a question that instantly got my attention – “Is Glee Anti-Christian?” So I read on…

The author raised the question because some individuals had labeled the show anti-Christian for a couple of reasons. First, the television show had the audacity to talk about things that – for some – were considered unacceptable. One of the teen age girls on the show, for instance, got pregnant. If that scenario wasn’t bad enough, they complained that the writers of Glee did not use the girl’s pregnancy to judge or isolate the character from her peers. Another storyline had the nerve to explore a teen-age boy’s coming out process. This bothered others because homosexuality, they would suggest, should never be portrayed in a positive light. It was because of storylines such as these that some felt Glee was anti-Christian.

I’ve struggled for years with those who want to cordon off the world into separate compartments – putting those things they consider sacred on one side and putting those things they consider secular on the other side. I’m not a fan of compartmentalizing things like that. I suppose it’s because I believe in a God who is too big to be contained in just one label – even if that label is “sacred.” That’s one reason I love brining popular culture into worship as much as possible.

I have a feeling that I have an advocate of my position in the author of the book Titus. For in that book the author wrote: “Everything is clean to the clean-minded; nothing is clean to [the] dirty-minded…”

There is a lot of truth in those simple words.

I suppose that’s why someone like me can watch Glee, see the kids in school continue their friendships with the pregnant teen and not view that as an endorsement of teen pregnancy. Likewise, I can watch Glee, see a young man overcome his self-hatred and self-loathing in order to see himself as a worthwhile human being and celebrate that as a sacred journey. In other words, I guess that’s why I don’t watch Glee and consider it anti-Christian.

I would encourage you to explore various facets of your life today and see if there are places of the world that you were quick to declare devoid of God’s presence. If so, upon further examination you just might be surprised to find God not only present in that area but active as well.

Til next time…


Ruth said...

I don't think God is absent from any aspect of life, just allowing us to exercise our free will without interference.

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