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Help support the vision of Woodland Hills Community Church!
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Friday, April 3

Today’s Readings: Psalm 114; Lamentations 4:11-22; Mark 13:14-27; Romans 11:13-24; Psalm 94

Featured Reading:
Romans 11:13-24

There are certainly many challenging aspects of the recession that we have been living through for the past several months. Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects is that it has revealed where we have placed our faith. Lots of folks (including myself) have watched as the value of their 401k’s and pension plans have plummeted over the past year. It was a truly shocking development as they assumed the stock market would provide generously for their futures. Other folks had been in long-established jobs they assumed they would hold until retirement. Needless to say they were horrified to learn that not only was their position eliminated - but the entire company was unexpectedly gone. “At least we’ll always have the stability of the value of our home if things get really bad,” they thought to themselves. If they are anything like me, they’ve watched as the value of their home has plunged by nearly 15% as well. The recession has been painful for so many of us because it reminded us the danger of placing our faith and our sense of security in human things. In today’s passage from Romans, Paul plays with the imagery of a tree in order to discuss our faith. And in doing so, Paul reminds us of what the root of our tree ought to be: God. Today, in the midst of the challenges of your life, I would ask you: “What serves as the root system that anchors and feeds your tree?” Til next time…

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