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Help support the vision of Woodland Hills Community Church!
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Friday, August 7

Today’s Readings: Psalm 3; 2 Samuel 15:1-18; Mark 9:14-29; Acts 25:1-12; Psalm 130

Within the lesbian and gay communities, there is a phenomenon known as the best little girl/boy in the world syndrome. What it means is that many folks with a same-sex attraction realize fairly early in life that they aren’t like everyone else. This realization spurs a fear that this difference will lead to rejection by others. In order to minimize the possibility of being rejected, many lesbians and gays develop a coping mechanism that tells them, “If I act as if I’m perfect, then everyone will have to accept me – even if I am different.” I was a classic practitioner of this line of thinking. If you looked up “overachiever” in the dictionary, there would have been a picture of me. I was ASB president, salutatorian, church youth group president, athlete, musician – you name it and I did it. I practically killed myself off with my obsession to try to be perfect. Of course, I’m not the only person who has wrestled with issues of perfection. Lots of folks struggle with those issues. Somewhere during the course of their life they too picked up the notion that they have to be perfect in order to be loved. While such a psychological response might make sense as a coping mechanism, it goes against one of the most basic tenets of our faith. That tenet is alluded to in today’s second psalm where the psalmist says: “If you, God, kept records on wrongdoings, who would stand a chance? As it turns out, forgiveness is your habit, and that’s why you’re worshipped” (Psalm 130:3-4 from The Message). That psalm raises two points that we should carry with us through our day. First, it reminds us that none of us are perfect – so some of us should let go of our obsession to try to be perfect. Second, it also reminds us that others aren’t perfect either – so we should extend grace to others just as God extends grace to us. Try carrying those realizations with you today and see what happens in your interactions with others – and in your relationship with yourself. Til next time…

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