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Help support the vision of Woodland Hills Community Church!
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Thursday, September 24

Today’s Readings: Esther 2:1-23; Acts 12:20-25; Psalm 124

As my faith has evolved from one that was formed by relatively traditional, orthodox beliefs into one that has been shaped by progressive thinkers, I’ve found that there is a challenge I face. You see folks who come from a traditional, orthodox place often speak as if their belief system is the only acceptable belief system. Consequently, some folks who come from this place sound awfully arrogant to others since they are completely dismissive of other beliefs. When I began moving in some progressive circles, I expected this arrogance to disappear entirely since many progressives claim – as one of their core values – that they are completely open to other beliefs. The arrogance didn’t completely disappear, however. Instead, it took on other forms. Sometimes, it would get expressed in dismissive statements like, “Can you believe that person STILL believes in such and such?” Or, “Can you believe a rational person in the 21st Century would still believe in such and such?” Over time I’ve found that these are ways of taking Herod’s approach conveyed in today’s passage from Acts. They’re ways of saying, “The voice of God! The voice of God!” in relation to one’s own perspective. Whether we are someone who comes from a traditional, orthodox place; whether we come from a progressive place; or whether we come from somewhere in between – the challenge remains the same: don't confuse our voice with God's. Til next time…

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