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Help support the vision of Woodland Hills Community Church!
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Monday, October 19

Today’s Readings: Job 40:1-24; Hebrews 6:1-12: Psalm 75

This morning I sat down to do my daily entry and I jumped on line expecting to do what I always do: access today’s daily scripture through my link at Sadly, the site was off line. It threw my morning into quite the tailspin.

In the process of looking for Plan B’s, I was reminded how many things I have come to take for granted and expect in my daily rituals and routines. I expect to get out of bed and have the coffee maker do its thing so I can be properly caffeinated; I expect the morning edition of the LA Times to be on the sidewalk out front; I expect there to be enough hot water to shower and shave. All of these events have become pillars of my day.

It takes something like one of these pillars to come crashing down for me to realize how dangerous it is depend on material things as one’s pillars.

Today’s reading from the Psalms reminds us of that. In the passage, the psalmist notes: “When the earth totters, with all its inhabitants, it is I who keep its pillars steady” (Psalm 75:3 from the NRSV).

This morning I would ask: “What or who is it that keeps the pillars of your life in place?” Is it something such as your internet access or a cup of coffee, or is it something more? Til next time…

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