Help support the vision of Woodland Hills Community Church!

Help support the vision of Woodland Hills Community Church!
For those of you who would like to support the vision & ministry of Woodland Hills Community Church (the faith community I serve that continues to encourage me to minister outside the box), please click on the link just above.

Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation (Україна має талант / Ukraine's Got Talent)

What I’m Reading Today: Romans 1:18-2

Worship is most transcendent for me when it invokes the creative energies of those within the community. Yesterday, a friend sent me the link to this clip which captures an entirely new realm of creativity (at least for me). Therefore, it provided me with an incredibly sacred experience. While the subject matter is not - by some definitions- sacred (the woman in the clip was creating an experience to interpret the Ukrainian experience of World War II), I believe you can be spiritually touched by watching her artistic interpretation of the events visually unfold. I hope this experience helps open you to new ways of experiencing the Holy that could inform you spiritual/worship life. Til next time…

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