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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What I'm reading today: Hebrews 4-8

As I was reading the morning newspaper yesterday, one article on the front page caught my eye. The artice's title read: "Dale Carnegie is not dead: In South Korea, people pay $25 to stimulate death, including lying in a closed coffin". I assumed that the article would tell the story of people morbidly obsessed with their own mortality.

As I read the article, however, I realized the experience wasn't quite as morbid as I thought. Participants in the program - called the Coffin Academy - go through a variety of exercises ranging from writing goodbye letters to loves to creating one's own tombstone epitath. At the end, individuals lie in a closed casket for 10 minutes to cap their experience.

The result of the program was much less morbid that I expected, however. At the end of the time in the closed casket, the program director Jung Joos says: "When you open your eyes, there will be a new life starting, which is different from yesterday."

What a beautiful challenge that is to give to participants in the program.

I hope that none of us feel so trapped in our current lives that we would have to be shut in a casket in order to give ourselves permission to embrace a new life. May it be so.

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