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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What I’m Reading Today: Luke 11:1-28

Every person carries with them issues they acquired during their childhood. I have many such issues. I have one issue in particular that is rather bizarre.

That issue?

Well, it’s almost impossible for me to ask what I want. That’s because I was raised to believe that it is rude to do so. I was taught that a good person is subtle – and drops hints about what he or she may need. A good person who’s sitting on the couch watching television with someone, for instance, could say something like: ‘I bet the Houston Texan game being televised right now on ESPN would be an exciting game to watch.” The hope would be that the person beside you would pick up on your hint and turn the channel. I was taught that it would be inappropriate, however, to say: “Can I turn the channel to ESPN so I can watch the Houston Texans game.”

I know – it’s a bizarre way to go through life: never asking directly for what you want. It’s something that drives my partner Mike crazy. In fact, over the years we’ve gotten into many fights because I was hurt that he didn’t pick up on my clues about what I needed. Now, whenever I start to drop passive aggressive hints about what I need, Mike will now interrupt me and say, “Are you trying to tell me that you need something?”

Mike isn’t the only one that thinks a person should be courageous enough to ask for what he or she wants. Jesus thought that seemed like a pretty good idea too. In today’s reading from Luke, for example, Jesus is quoted as saying: “Don’t bargain with God. Be direct. Ask for what you need.”

That notion of being direct and asking for what I need is still a challenge for me. But every day I grow a little stronger in my ability to do just that.

So how are you with that? Do you find yourself adopting passage aggressive strategies like the ones I use to employ in order to try to get your needs met; or are you able to articulate to God and to others what your needs are?

Til next time…

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Ms.K said...

Dear Pastor Craig ... your honesty is so appealing. I was touched by your openness, remembering my mother telling us chidren not to whine about things we just HAD to have. That there were others who had so much less. I'm grateful for that lesson; it's served me well. But I also find it hard to ask for things I need. So hearing that you can relate, touched me. And hearing that Jesus wants us to "buck up" and tell God what it is we need without bargaining ... this is something I need to work on. Thank you. D. Kleppinger